Jaycees Charity Carnival

The value to the Elmhurst Community provided by the Jaycees’ Charity Carnival is two-fold. First off, the most apparent value it brings is the carnival itself. Many families look forward to a joyful carnival experience every year, as it acts as the official kickoff to summer. The Carnival brings thousands of people each year from Elmhurst and the surrounding communities to have a great outdoor carnival experience, while enjoying the company of their family and friends. In support of the Jaycees mission, the carnival every year offers the opportunity for children disabilities and their families to attend the carnival at no charge during the Saturday morning of the carnival.

The Carnival acts as the main fundraising effort for the Jaycees, which supports the second benefit to the community. With the Carnival proceeds, the Jaycees supports over a dozen Elmhurst organizations through sponsorships, cash donations and product donations.

This is a family friendly event for, adults, teens & children alike.  Additionally, the carnival hosts “Special Children’s Day” that offers children with special or limited abilities & their families to attend on a day that has fewer crowds and noise.  The carnival truly tries to offer everyone a day of fun here in Elmhurst.

All proceeds of Elmhurst Jaycees Charity Carnival tickets as well as pre-sale Mega Passes go to the Charities outlined on our Charity Page. If you’d like to make an impact greater than a financial donation, check out our Monthly Membership Meetings where you can learn about additional projects we operate throughout the year.